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Fur in the Press


Once considered the most luxurious even regal of clothing adornments, a symbol of both wealth and style, fur fell out of fashion in the early 1970s due to the vigorous animal rights movement. Now on today’s high street the prevalence of fur whether new, vintage or synthetic illustrates a changing attitude to the aesthetic, if not the origin.

But whether you sit on the supporters or oppositions team, there is no denying that fur is back in fashion. At the Fall/Winter 2013-14 runway campaigns at London Fashion Week, 61% of all designers used fur on at least one of their items, and in Milan 86% of designers with Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi utilizing fur on every single look.

At Central Park Vintage we love fur and we are not alone, there are many others who also share our views about this unique design material. All links open in a new tab.